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ONEPIC is a news, media, consultancy company. We provide consultancy in education, media and production. We also organise events.

ONEPIC owned and directed by H. Cigdem Anad Ibrahimhakkioglu (Journalist, Producer and TV Presenter).

H. Cigdem Anad Ibrahimhakkioglu
Business experience:
Cigdem Anad Ibrahimhakkioglu’s television career started as a TV correspondent in TRT (Turkish Radio Television) between 1987-1990.

In 1990 she left TRT to work for Star TV which is known as the 1st privately owned TV channel in Turkey.

Then she transferred to Show TV channel to run a TV programme named as “32nd Day”. She was working for this programme between 1991-1993 and was gathering news from all over the world.

In 1993 she worked for ATV channel as a programme producer and a presenter. She left ATV in 1998 to set-up and operate CNN-Turk as a News coordinator where she also became a main anchorwoman until 2007. In CNN-Turk news department she employed and managed 200+ journalists.

In 2007 she was transferred to another big news channel – NTV where she stayed until 2013 where she produced and presented huge audience programmes.

Worked as news correpondent in these countries:
Armania, Azerbaijan, Iraq, France, Germany, Netherlands, Israil, Palestine, U.S.A, Russia, Romania, Cyprus, Venezuela, Georgia, Hungary, Nagorno-Karabakh, Bulgaria and Argentina

“Argentina and Venezuela” were broadcasted in CNNTURK.

She has written 4 novels:

1) “Aklim nereye gidiyor, ellerim nereye”, published 1995

2) “Hayat geciyor, sen neredesin?”, published 2004

3) “Sen kimsin?”, published 2012

4) “Yalnizlik Bilmecesi”, published 2015

1) Cigdem Anad has received daily news programme awards in 1995. The news programme “Son Durak” awarded by Progressive Journalists Association (PJA). PJA is the member of International Journalists Federation.

2) The journal “Elele” chosen Cigdem Anad as between 9 important women in 2004 in Turkey.

3) She received the best contemporary programme award in 2007 by Istanbul Kadir Has University with “Haydi gel, bizimle ol” TV programme.

4) She was awarded for “the most creative tv project” by CNN International’s general manager Mr. Chris Cramer in 2007 with her daily news programme “Ajans”.

5) She also received the best weekly contemporary programme award in 2008 which was chosen by the Hurriyet newspaper’s readers. Hurriyet is the highest newspaper circulation. The award name is “35th Gold Butterfly” Hillary Clinton was also participated to this event in 2009.

Cigdem Anad has written numerous of articles in professional magazines and in web sites.

She has taken part in theatre play “sehir, orman” directed by Beyhan Murphy. She also has taken part in cinema film “Kurtulus son durak “. She has taken part in soap opera in TV “pis yedili” and taken part in bank advertisement published in all Turkish TV channels.

In her professional TV and Journalist carrier she has been using her maiden name Cigdem Anad.
Official name is : Hulya Cigdem Anad Ibrahimhakkioglu

She was born on 2nd of October 1962 in Ankara, Turkey. She studied in Ankara University at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering in 1985. In 1986 she stayed in London for a year to study English language in London Southwark college. Cigdem Anad is married and have two children.