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No one is allowed to criticize the military’s operation in Syria. Over 300 people were detained for sharing their message against war on social media.

Members of the Turkish Medical Association were in the jail for their statement “war is a matter of public health” no to war, peace immediately”
This is the remark that caused detention of doctors who criticised war.

In the statement the doctors say;
“war, which destroys nature and humans is a man-made public health issue. All of the wars cause a human tragedy by leading to irreparable problems from a social perspective, from a physical point of view and spiritually. We always keep in mind that defending life and peace is our primary task as a doctor. The way of getting over the war is to establish independent, democratic life and setting up a fair life.”

Eleven members of Turkish medical association’s central council detained because of this statement.
President Erdoğan said; “They are the servants of imperialism, they are not intellectuals at all”.

These doctors were removed from their duty at the universities after the detention.

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